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1. Bet on yourself

Join a competition by paying a small (or large) entry fee. Competitions vary in entry fees, smaller less-risk competitions require a minor bet; whereas larger higher-risk competitions require a bigger bet. The bigger the jackpot/bet, the higher the potential prize.


2. Build up the pot

Your bet will go towards building up a pot in each competition. This is the prize pot, which will be split to the winners.


3. Step your way to victory

If you're on iOS, sync up with Apple Health or Fitbit. Alternatively, if you're using an Android device you can sync up with GoogleFit or Fitbit. We’ll track your daily steps, and add them up for each competition.


4. Win a prize no matter the position
We split the total jackpot between all users in the competition. The amount you will win depends on the position you finish, the total jackpot and the amount of users within the competition. The prizes are higher for higher positions within the competition.


5. Come back to see where you rank

We’ll show you where you rank compared to everyone else! You'll also need to come into the app daily and before the competition ends to sync your steps!


6. If you win

If you win, we’ll get in touch within 5 working days with details on how to claim your prize. We’ll make this as easy as possible, and send you a PayPal link to claim. We’ll never hold onto your winnings, or award you credit! Please do read our terms and conditions, and we require you to respond in order to claim your prize.

7. Cheating

We do not, and will not condone cheating of any kind. Currently there is a maximum number of steps per day which is capped at 30,000. Our system will flag your account if you go over the daily cap. Once flagged, you'll be removed from the competition and given the opportunity to appeal your step count via email. Please contact us at to appeal. If found successful, we'll add you back to the competition and allow you to record steps greater than the cap. Please note, if you are added back into a competition this does not mean that you will be exempt from being flagged by our system for future competitions. This is a preventative measure to stop cheaters and allow for a fair competition for all.


Please note that Apple and Google are not involved in anyway in our competitions.

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