1. Bet on yourself

Enter either a high or low stake competition, and bet what you want. Low stake competitions accept a minimum of £2.49, whereas high stake competitions require £8.99!


2. Build up the pot

Your bet will go towards building up a pot in each competition. This is the prize pot, which will be split to the winners.


3. Step your way to victory

If you're on iOS, sync up with Apple Health or GoogleFit if you're on Android. We’ll track your daily steps, and add them up for each competition.


4. Place in the top 3 to win

We’ll split the prize pot between the top 3 winners. First place will receive 30% of the winnings, second place will get 15% and third place will get 10%. That means if the pot is £5000, you'll win a total of £1500 if you place first. We take 15% of the total pot which helps us to keep running the app and competitions to the highest standard!


5. Come back to see where you rank

We’ll show you where you rank compared to everyone else! If you’re 5th, you’ll know that you have some more stepping to do to win part of the prize. You'll also need to come into the app daily and before the competition ends to sync your steps!


6. If you win

If you win, we’ll get in touch within 5 working days with details on how to claim your prize. We’ll make this as easy as possible, and send you a PayPal link to claim. We’ll never hold onto your winnings, or award you credit! Please do read our terms and conditions, and we require you to respond in order to claim your prize.


Please note that Apple and Google are not involved in anyway in our competitions.